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Jon Pulino's EDT 500 Page

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Comcast Public Television
Airs Tuesday Nights at 8 and 9 PM

Hello and Greetings:

I am a grad student at Central Connecticut State University aiming to complete a master's degree in Educational Technology.  Currently I work at New Britain High School as an English Teacher and work at Comcast Cable on various public access television shows including my own program entitled, "The Edge".
Comcast via Middletown reaches the following areas: Middletown, Middlefield, East Hampton, Portland, Cobolt, Cromwell and portions of Colchester and Berlin, CT

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Current Shows On Comcast by BNP:


1) "THE EDGE" - Political Satire, Variety, ala "The Daily Show" mixed with "Crossfire" and "Saturday Night Live".  (R) Congressman Rob Simmons has been a frequent guest as have current candidate for CT's 33rd District David Bauer.  Other acts and interviews included: Walter "Chekov" Koenig, Robert Vaugn, George Lazenby, James Doohan, Geroge Takei, Governor John Rowland, JoAnne Nesti, Jerry Brooks, Aiden Quinn, and Alan Ruck.  Filmed Live at Comcast the 3rd Tuesday of Every Month (8 PM) Repeats are aired Tuesdays at 9 PM

2) "The Diner"- A live program that deals with everything or nothing.  The concept of the show is to recrete the free-flowing atmosphere of a diner and explore the many topics that come up.  Coffee is served and and the participants are able to explore items of such  seriousness as the recent "No Child Left Behind Act" to the ridiculous "who gives a better haircut in down".   Frequent and Past Guests include, GOP Candidate for State Rep David Bauer,Mayorial Candidate Seb Guiliano,Historian Ken Smith and CCSU's Professors John Foshay and Jesse Turner who participated in a two hour live show about "No Child Left Behind" last May.

3) THE SANDS OF DESTINY Completed 2001.  "The Sands of Destiny", marks BNPs first venture into filmaking.  BNP's first film centered around the story of Superman's antagonist Lex Luthor and his origins and early life in Metropolis.  The Supermanhomepage and The Middletown Press ran articles discussing the film.

See the Video Application Linke for the Press article.
4) "Who is Donna Troy?"- Currently in Production. Superhero film exploring the early years of Wonder Girl and Robin.

Middletown Press Article

FAHRENHEIT 451 Tutorial

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