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Here is my experience...

Currently I own a GOVIDEO VHS deck which consists of two decks in order to dub programs.  I have had the product for many years and have few porblems with it.  One night as I attempted to dub a video, I noticed that the batteries in the remote control were dead.  After looking around the apartment for awhile, I realized I didn't have a spare to set to use in the remote.  I went back to the machine and figured I would have to dub the video by pushing the record button on the machine.  To my surprise, the controls did have a menu button under the panel in order to set my controls. I had to dub the video in the dreaded SLP mode due to this bizzarre setup by GOVIDEO.  I found it frustrating and illogical.
Possible Reasons Why:
1) GOVIDEO wants a person to by another remote control if one breaks.
2) GOVIDEO owns stock in battery companies. 
3) The developers of the machine figured it was not neccessary to complete this.

Please Support M.M.R.C.W. (Make My Remote Control Work)