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Taking Learning Seriously

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My Thoughts on the article...

Taking Learning Seriously

"I think the students have amnesia," I quipped to a collegue in the staff room as I was grading movie review papers.  A majority of the papers were well written and the  grammar was crisp and complete, what I noticed was happening was most of the students were not following instructions.  The student was required to follow the rubric and analyze and review the film rather than just summarize it.
Lee Shulman's article, "Taking Learning Seriously" discusses the idea of amnesia, fantasi and inertia with regard to the classroom.  One major idea that Shulman hits upon is the concept of two-fold style learning.  I feel this type of "connective" learning is very appropriate in the modern classroom.  It is important for the student to have a concrete foundation with the subject that is being taught.   

Taking Learning Seriously (continued)

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