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Jon Pulino's EDT 500 Page


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TECH GOAL ONE: To learn how to use a dvd burner and create menus for various seasons of my television shows "The Edge" and "The Diner". With this technology, I would also like to master transfering older silent movies to dvds. (Note: I have access to a dvd burner, but I have yet to use it yet)
I wil be burning a copy of each of my public access shows and the trailer for the Donna Troy film on December 10, 2004. I will using DVD-Rs and will be using the AVID program on the Apple G4 to complete this project. On Decemember 11,and 14,I was able to burn a dvd from the G4 machine. I was able to transfer three versions of the pre-title sequence onto the DVD. The benefits of having all three on one dvd allows me to watch them at ease, and have other people give me feedback on which opening they prefer.

TECH GOAL 2: I would like to use a cellphone and all of its componants including menus, address book, camera and email styles.

On November 15, 2004 I purchased my first cell phone, a Motorola from Wal-Mart. I investigated many plans and was able to buy a phone for $29.99 and purchase a pre-paid phone card for 420 minutes for $20.00. I figure this i sthe best plan for me because I am not a phone person by nature and don't usually have long phone conversations.

December 8, 2004- I am down to 320 minutes and have noticed that I use the phone a little more t han I figured. I am not able to store numbers and check the caller id on missed calls. At times I do forget to bring the phone with me and/or charge it at night

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