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Jon Pulino's EDT 500 Page

Comcast, Superman and Donna Troy.

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I feel I would make an outstanding addition to the video portion of the project for the following three reasons:  I have been working in various forms of video (3/4 inch, Super VHS, and Digital) since 1991, I currently co-produce and co-write three monthly shows at Comcast Cable and I am currently putting the finishing touches on my second amateur feature, “Who is Donna Troy?”.


The first reason I feel I would make an outstanding addition to the television production team would be my experience in the field. I have served on a variety of different television productions since 1991 and have been working on the above mentioned  programs since 1998. One of my earliest experiences on a television commercial was in September of 1992, when I was asked by my video professor to come in and work on a “secret project” on a Saturday morning.Upon arrival I quickly realized that I was working on a commercial for Presidential hopeful Governor Edmund “Jerry” Brown. Brown was competing against Senator Paul Tsongus and Governor William Clinton for the Democratic nomination that year. Although very young and extremely nervous, I was able to complete many task that day such as run the camera and help with the lighting. It was my first professional experience with an obvious important client.


The second reason I feel I would make an outstanding addition to the video production team would be my experience on the many Comcast shows I have worked on since 1998. Currently I work on the two shows I created, The Edge and The Diner.The Edge and The Diner, both live call in programs, require plenty of ongoing work including writing, editing and quality control. Both shows require constant e-mail conferences and writers meeting in order to keep both shows timely and interesting. Due to the success of both programs, I have been asked to participate as a director and consultant on shows such as The Bauer Hour and City Matters. Though different in subject manner, both clients have entrusted me in getting their shows on the air and have asked specifically for advice in keeping the pace of the on the move.


The third reason I reel I would make an outstanding addition to the video production team would be my work on my film The Sands of Destiny and my current production Who is Donna Troy? Both films were Woody Allenesque productions in which I acted, wrote, directed, produced, edited, storyboarded and created the entire concept for these films. I became very good at problem solving and was able to juggle a cast of 20 actors while getting the respect of cast and crew members. Below is an article from a 2002 edition of The Middletown Press which ran a story on The Sands of Destiny:





The Sands of Destiny

Pulino premiers new film

By JOHN CHRISTIE, Middletown Press Staff February 10, 2002

MIDDLETOWN -- City resident Jonathan Pulino is fighting for truth, justice and the American way -- well, sort of. Pulino, the host of the cult cable access talk show "The Edge" and a former mayoral candidate, is working on a movie about the World's Greatest Superhero. "The Sands of Destiny," which Pulino wrote and directed, is based on the DC Comics graphic novel "Lex Luthor: An Unauthorized Biography."

Comcast Cablevision is planning a Tuesday premier of the movie short, which was filmed in

"I'm so proud I got it done," Pulino said. "It was very difficult to do. It was so frustrating just to get people."

Starting in the summer of 2000, the cast and crew suffered through broken cameras, casting and editing headaches to tell the gritty tale.

The movie adapts the graphic novel's plot of a down-and-out reporter -- Peter Sands, played by city resident Bill Reeves -- who's murdered by Superman's arch-nemesis Lex Luthor -- played by Pulino's cousin and former campaign manager, Anthony Pulino -- for digging up dirt on the villain for an unauthorized biography.

"Luthor frames (Superman's alter-ego)
Clark Kent, who I play, for the murder," Pulino said. "Of course he didn't do it, because he was rescuing people from an earthquake in Tokyo at the time, but Clark Kent
obviously can't tell the police that."

But don't expect any cosmic battles between Superman and the Eradicator or Metallo. Staying true to the graphic novel, the movie follows Peter Sands as he interviews people from Luthor's past and Clark Kent as he sweats under the ranting of a homicide detective.

"I originally made the movie based on this when I was 18, but it was just a goof," Pulino said. "Obviously it's more feasible to do a story like this with the limited resources we had.

"There's no flying," he added.

In the film,
's streets and famous buildings stand in for Metropolis' archetypal landmarks; North End streets were chosen to play the infamous Suicide Slum, where Lex Luthor grew up.

Comcast Community Access Coordinator Ken Measimer, who helped Pulino edit the film, said the film is a unique undertaking, considering most cable access fare consists of talk shows, religious groups and political forums.

"It think it's a good thing for cable access ..and I hope other local people will take advantage of cable access and make more short films at Comcast in the future," Measimer said. "It really gives people with aspirations for film-making an outlet for their creativity."

Pulino said he plans to start working on a new film for cable access based on "Who Shot Dr. Zero?", a short story he had published in the Colorado-based literary magazine Inkspots.

"It's about an actor playing a superhero on TV who's murdered," he said.

"The Sands of Destiny" is scheduled to air Tuesday at
9 p.m. on Cable Channel 3 -- ironically, opposite the WB Network hit "Smallville," which chronicles Clark Kent
's teen years.

"We didn't plan that," Pulino said.


I hope the above three reasons and newspaper article are enough

to convince your department that I would make a fine addition for the video project.  I look forward to meeting with you.



Jonathan Pulino





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